WolfsHead Loop

**MOST ADVENTUROUS ft backwoods riding

18 Mile Loop (4 Hour rental = 2-3 Hours of Riding + Commute Time)

Super73 RX Mojave

$139 Per Person

Ages 15+

Trail Info

4 Hour Duration, with drive time

18 Mile Loop Trail (offline-map included)

Skill Level - Intermediate, Off-Road Trail

Included 1-up Rack, which can fit into 2" Hitch Receiver on your vehicle.

a Truly Unique North Shore Adventure, this is a mix of Forest Service Roads, and ATV Trails

A Side of the North Shore Few Have Seen!

A true backwoods adventure in an area teeming with wildlife and featuring one of our favorite sections of trail in all of the North Shore. We’ve seen packs of Wolves, Lynx, Moose, and every other type of critter you can imagine in this area of truly remote area of Superior National Forest that makes you forget that you’re only a few hours from home – please use caution and be respectful of the wilderness! 

This 18-mile loop starts about 20 minutes North of our Schroeder shop, just off Sawbill Trail. To get there, you’ll be hitching one of our 1UP Racks which fits 2 eBikes or our small trailer which fits 4 eBikes to haul up to the starting location with your vehicle. Once there, unload the eBikes and follow the route on the Gaia mobile app, which works even when you’re out of signal.

The 18-mile loop takes riders about 2 hours and can be done on 1 battery as it takes you through thick forest, passing back amazing wilderness features and wetlands. The trail is a combination of forest road, and backwoods ATV trail – offering some rocky surfaces and possibly some areas which are wet. Don’t worry, the Super73 RX will take the brunt of it as you cruise this awesome terrain!

Upon completing the loop, rack the eBikes back up on your vehicle and make your way back to Schroeder to check back in your 

This backwoods adventure utilziies ATV trails which can be a bit rocky at times, so we recommend it for skillful riders.

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Trail Overview

Map Overview and what to expect