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Where are the eBikes located?

Our ebike North Shore Rental Center is in Schroder (10 miles south of Lutsen) 7902 MN Highway 61 Schroeder MN 55613

I have limited experience, is there a suitable adventure for me?

Yes! The waterfall tour on the paved Gitchi Gami is a beginner-friendly, leisurely route

Are helmets provided?

Yes, our shop provides complementary Thousand brand bike helmets of various sizes and colors and are required, although riders are welcome to bring their own helmets. Full-face helmets and goggles are offered for offroad adventures.

What should I wear?

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be sure to dress warm enough! If you plan to take an offroad adventure, theres a good chance you could come across some wet areas and thicker foresty areas, so keep that in mind. We recommend long sleeves and footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet when offroading! Helmets are provided and required, although you are welcome to bring their own.

What is the Cancellation / Rain Out Policy

We issue no obligations refunds if you are unable to ride for any reason! We hope you’ll book against in the future!

What are the Rider Age Restrictions?


or 15+ with parent/guardian waiver release.

What are Your Hours & What is the Drop Off Time?

We’re open daily from 10am – 6pm. Drop off by 6 pm unless organized ahead of time for you to drop-off after hours

What Models of Super73 does Electric Trails Have?

We use Super73 ZX for the paved trails and RX Mojave's for the off- road trails.

Can I Buy a Super73 Through Electric Trails?

Heck yeah, you can even apply your rental fees (up to $150) towards a purchase of any Super 73. Try before you buy.

Is a Damage Deposit Required?

No. Just a credit card with the booking.

Do I need a Drivers License

No, Class 2 eBikes don’t require drivers license.

Can We Rent for the Whole Weekend (aka not have to return them each day)? If so, can we get a charger?

Absolutely. For multi-day rentals we provide a charger.


Do you allow for test rides?

Yes at both the North Shore Rental Center, and the Minneapolis Retail Center.

Can I customize the bike before I order it?

Yes, we assemble the bikes for you, so you want to add pegs, upgrade tires, add fender, storage etc, we can do all of that for you before you pick it up

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