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Ride With GPS Overview & Onboarding Guide

Turn By Turn Navigation Using RideWithGPS

Adventure Route Navigation

RideWithGPS is a paid bike navigation app. However, It’s included for free as part of our services when you book an adventure. With RideWithGPS riders follow specific routes using turn-by-turn navigation, similar to Google Maps. We’ve mapped our favorite adventure routes to make it much easier for you to get out and ride instead of spending your time planning and figuring out where to go.

Each of our Super73s is fixed with a phone holder, so when you have the navigation started, you can simply fix the phone into the mount. RideWithGPS even provides voice instruction to alert you for directions and points of interest.

For any given RideWithGPS route, we add waypoints, and points of interest to help you find things like: places to eat & drink, restrooms, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, campsites, and areas where we’ve observed wildlife.

  • Works Offline (If You Download It)
  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation
  • Elevation and Distance Display
  • Save & Share Your Ride Data
  • Waypoints & Points of Interest
  • Voice Commands
How RideWithGPS Works - Onboarding Guide for eBiking the North Shore

1) Book Electric Trails Route

When you book an adventure, our system emails you an auto-approval link (which you can share with other members of your group). This link will provide access to your selected route within your account and unlock free navigation in RideWithGPS.

2.) Download Link from Email

You’ll find the link in the Electric Trails booking email. Once you click the link, you will be asked to sign up for RideWithGPS or sign in if you have an existing account. The adventure route event will automatically be synced to your account for mobile use.

Once you have clicked the auto-approval link and signed in to your Ride with GPS account, you’ll see confirmation that you have access. 

Next, download the RideWithGPS Mobile app and Sign In to Your Account (Available for iPhone or Android)

3.) Navigate to Route & Download Offline

When you sign in through the RideWithGPS mobile app, you’ll now see the ELECTRIC TRAILS group page. This means your account was successfully synced from the approval link in the email. 

From here, click the ELECTRIC TRAILS section to access your route, which is located in the Events Menu. 

From the routes menu, download the routes for offline use. This means you can use turn-by-turn navigation even when you don’t have a cell phone signal, which is critical, particularly when riding in Superior National Forest.

4.) Start Your Adventure

At last, you’re ready to ride! When you are ready to start your route, click the Navigate button which will help you get to your starting point, then provide turn-by-turn directions for your route. You also have the option of downloading this specific route by hitting the Save Button.

The Share button only works for other people who have clicked the approval link in the original email.