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eBike Rentals – 2 Hour Adventures Starting @ $59

Thanks for an incredible first year or rentals on the North Shore! We’ll be back next summer in Grand Marais and Schroeder for eBike rentals! 

  • 7902 MN Highway 61 Schroeder MN 55613** Grand Marais Coming in Spring 2023
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  • Walk In's Welcome

The Cult Classic Super73's That Everyone Loves!

..and make your friends back home jealous 😊

Authorized partner and dealer of Super73 eBikes

Choose Your eBike Adventure

Our Adventures


Our most popular route. Take in Lake Superior and tour amazing rivers and waterfalls on this fully paved, feature eBike and hike adventure! Ditch your car and explore the fun way on a Super73!

✓ Super73 ZX

✓ Out and Back (2 Hrs @ 15 Miles Total)

✓ Difficulty: Beginner 1/5 🟢

✓ Great For Groups

✓ Fully Paved


A beginner-friendly eBike-powered trek to one of the best views in all of Minnesota, Carlton Peak! We call this our offroad starter, and gateway to future adventures!


✓ Super73 RX

✓ Out and Back (2 Hrs @ 10-12 Miles Total)

✓ Difficulty: Intermediate 2.5/5 🟦

✓ Great Offroad Intro For Groups

✓ Amazing View of Lake Superior


Experience a side of the North Shore like never before in this 4 hour backwoods adventure on one of our favorite backwoods trails of the North Shore!

✓ Super73 RX (includes 1UP Rack or Trailer)

✓ Trailer Haul (4 hrs @ 18 Miles Total)

✓ Difficulty: Experienced 4/5 ♦️

✓ Technical Terrain

✓ Lots of Wildlife

How it Works

Book Your Adventure

Online or In-Person (walk-ups welcomed!)

Grab Your Super73

Sign a waiver and grab your ebike (1UP racks available if you need to haul)

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Explore the pre-planned adventure route on your Super73! Then Return back once you're done.

Our Super73® Fleet

Electric Trails is the only certified renter and dealer of Super73 eBikes in the Midwest. Super73’s are stylish fat-tire ebikes inspired by cafe racers and retro motorcycles but of course 100% eco-friendly electric. The large ergonomic seats, size, and solid construction make them great for a wide range of rider sizes and skill levels. Throttle assist powers riders up to 20 MPH in class II mode, and each charge provides 20-30 miles of range. 

Super73® ZX

For Paved Trails – Includes Helmet and Lock

Great for Groups and Beginners!
Chasing Waterfalls on the Gitchi Gami

The State of Minnesota has made a massive investment to build a premier paved bike path that will extend all the way from Two Harbors to Grand Marais. Our just launched Super73 rental shop is adjacent to the Gitchi Gami in Schroeder making it easy for you to hop on and ride! Book a super fun ride on the Gitchi which meanders through the woods, over rivers and waterfalls, and along the lake with amazing sight seeing along the way. The Super73 ZX experience is very approachable to a wide range of ages and rider skill level.

    Super73® RX Mojave

    For Offroad Trails – Includes Helmet, Lock, 1UP Rack or Trailer, Route Map

    Intermediate to Advanced Routes
    Offroad Adventures in Superior National Forest

    Backwoods riding on a Super73 RX Mojave is like an exploration cheat code, allowing you to ride further and see a side of the North Shore like never more. We’ve mapped our favorite adventures which you can navigate in our offline-enabled Avenza app — so you can spend more time adventuring and less time planning or trying to figure out where to ride. Choose from one of our curated adventures which include out & backs, as well as shuttled remote drops — with difficulties ranging from intermediate to difficult.

    • See our curated adventure routes, powered by the offline enabled Gaia Mapping App 
    • Offroad rentals include 1UP rack (fits 2 eBikes) or Trailer (fits 4 eBikes) to haul your eBikes to backwoods trails

    1UP® Racks

    Haul Your eBikes Rentals On Your Vehicle

    Thousand® Helmets

    Trendy Helmets in a Variety of Color Options

    Super73® ZX Paved Cruises

    Beginner friendly scenic routes on the paved Gitchi Gami

    Super73® RX Offroad Adventures

    See a side of the North Shore like never before

    Ride Formats:

    Rated by Difficulty: 🟢 = Leisure, 🟦  = Intermediate, ♦️ = Challenging

    • Out & Back: Ride from our Schroeder HQ to destination and back to HQ
    • 🚌 Shuttle Drop: We shuttle you to a remote starting point, and you ride back to HQ
    • Trailer Haul: You haul eBikes on your vehicle with one of our 1Up Racks(fits 2 eBikes) or Trailer (fits 4 eBikes) to a remote trailhead
    • Rent by The Hour: Ride where you want, pay by the hour

    Curated Adventure Map

    Powered by the Gaia App

    We’ve mapped our favorite adventure routes ranging from beginner rides on the Gitchi Gami to offroad adventures in Superior National. View Interactive Map in the Gaia App

    Meet The Team

    We fell in love with exploring the North Shore on our Super73 eBikes, now our mission is to make those adventures more accessible to you

    Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and well-organized experience for you to enjoy during your trip to The North Shore. We also aim to provide experiences that minimize environmental impact with the use of eBikes as well as being respectful to nature while out on the trails


    We stand by ready to answer any questions and help you plan your adventure. See you on the North Shore! 

    About Us


    Our ebike rental kiosk is located in Schroeder, Minnesota. We decided to move for the rest of the season to offer more offroad adventures. Next year we hope to have both locations open with added staffing!

    • Book a curated adventure tour, or book by the hour
    • Hours of Operation:10am - 6pm
    An Adventure For Everyone

    Goodbye city, hello adventure! It can be challenging to find adventure these days. So much gear, so much preparation, and we’re all busy — so we just don’t get around to it! Electric Trails makes adventure accessible! We have all the gear, and pre-planned adventures so all you have to do is show up and get your fix — even if you have limited experience! Check out our adventures and book one today, or contact us for more information!

    • All Gear Included + Free Route Maps
    • Silent, Eco-Friendly eBikes
    • Throttle Assist up to 20 MPH
    • Get Up Steep Hills With Ease!
    • No Damage Deposit Required
    • Easy Check-In & Check-Out


    Where are the eBikes located?

    7902 MN Highway 61 Schroeder MN 55613

    I have limited experience, is there a suitable adventure for me?

    Yes! The waterfall tour on the paved Gitchi Gami is a beginner-friendly, leisurely route

    What Should I Wear?

    Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be sure to dress warm enough! If you plan to take an offroad adventure, theres a good chance you could come across some wet areas and thicker foresty areas, so keep that in mind. We recommend long sleeves and footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet when offroading!

    What is the Cancellation / Rain Out Policy

    We issue no obligations refunds if you are unable to ride for any reason! We hope you’ll book against in the future!

    What are the Rider Age Restrictions?


    or 15+ with parent/guardian waiver release.

    Visit our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions

    Everything Else You Need To Know For Your Adventure

    Adventure Resources

    eBike Trail Map

    Powered By Gaia App

    Working in coordination with US Forest Service and MN DNR, we’ve created a North Shore eBike map that shows you everywhere you can ride a Class 2 eBike in Cook County. We’ve also mapped out some of our favorite offroad adventures, which you can book as an adventure rental through Electric Trails and ride with a Super73 RX Mojave.

    1 Up Racks / Trailers

    Haul Your Super73s To Inland Routes

    For inland adventure routes or multiday rentals, we have heavy-duty 1 Up bike racks or pull behind trailer from you to haul the eBikes to the trailhead or your vacation rental.

    Rated By Difficulty

    Relevent Route Details

    We provide difficulty ratings for each route ranging from 1-5. We also provide other route information such as trail type, cell signal, distance, duration, and points of interest. We stand by ready to help plan your adventure!