North Shore eBike Routes

We've mapped it all out for you!
Offline Enabled Navigation

Turn-By-Turn & General eBike Map

The North Shore is home to 300+ miles of amazing paved and offroad trails  include everything from remote logging trails and forest roads which feature gravel, rock, and grassy sections, to the fully paved Gitchi Gami. One thing they have in common is their all fun, offer amazing views and feature abundant wildlife.

Coordinating directly with the US Forest Service and Minnesota DNR, we’ve mapped out all eBike-compatible trails. In general, eBikes are permitted for riding on all motor vehicle-approved trails, similar to dirt bikes and ATV’s, with the added bonus of being permitted on the Gitchi Gami bike trail and CJ Ramstad Snowmobile trail. eBikes are not permitted on most mountain bike-specific trails unless explicitly stated.

We utilize two navigation and mapping apps to make it easy for you to spend more time riding and less time having to figure out where to ride! View the navigation and mapping guides below:


Turn-By-Turn Route Navigation Using GAIA

We partnered with GAIA to help you navigate your adventure! Using their systems, we’ve mapped out our favorite adventure routes in GAIA, so when you book an adventure, you’re granted free access to turn-by-turn navigation similar to Google Maps but for eBikes in the GAIA App. Simply download the app and click the link below to view all Electic Trails routes on the North Shore


North Shore eBike Map Using Avenza

Avenza is a free GeoPDF Map viewer which works offline (even with no cell signal). Cook county has it’s own Avenza map which shows all ATV-compatible trails. Since eBikes and ATV route compatibility is basically the same, this is a great map to get a bird’s-eye-view of eBike compatible trails of the North Shore

The Avenza eBike map is most suitable if you aren’t following one of our curated eBike adventure routes, but instead are opting to do a free ride on your own, where you pick your own trails. 

**note the CJ Ramstad and Gitchi Gami are not shown on the Avenza Map, even though they are eBike compatible