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The Cult Classic Super73's That Everyone Loves!

..and make your friends back home jealous 😊

Authorized partner and dealer of Super73 eBikes

  • very affordable and highlight of our trip..

    10/10 recommend so much fun, electric bikes

  • We had a complete blast on our E bike ride along the Gitchi Gami Trail. Tim
    And Emma are so friendly and the bikes work great! – The Tennis Family
    The Tennis Family
  • Super fun ride for a non-biker like me!! Look forward to coming back next year when we’re at the cabin and taking out some friends!

    Dallas, Tx

Introducing our Super73® Fleet

Electric Trails is the only certified renter and dealer of Super73 eBikes in the Midwest. Super73’s are stylish fat-tire ebikes inspired by cafe racers and retro motorcycles but of course 100% eco-friendly electric. The large ergonomic seats, size, and solid construction make them great for a wide range of rider sizes and skill levels. Throttle assist powers riders up to 20 MPH in class II mode, and each charge provides 20-30 miles of range. 

Super73® ZX

For Paved Trails – Includes Helmet and Lock

1 Hour
1/2 Day (4 Hours)
All Day (8 Hours)
Full Day Rentals can be broken into two days (pick up in the afternoon, return next day by noon)
Multi-Day Vacationer Pckg
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  • Fully charged battery swaps are available if your battery runs out during full day adventures
  • Chargers included for overnight full days
Our Rental Kiosk is Right Next to the Gitchi Gami Trail in Grand Marais

Hop Right On The Gitchi Gami!

Most Popular DIY Tour

Grand Marais x Gitchi Gami Lakeside Cruise

2 Hours

🌈 Multiple Color Options
Super73 ZX
Starting Location: Grand Marais Kiosk
Out and Back (10 Miles Total)
Difficulty:🟢 Beginner Friendly
Great For Groups
100% Paved Trail Via Gitchi Gami

The perfect leisurely cruise along Lake Superior for all rider skill levels. Ride a Super73 ZX from our kiosk to Cut Face reek and back on the paved Gitchi Gami state trail….

Rent by the Hour

Hourly Rentals (Make Your Own Path)

By The Hour

🌈 Multiple Color Options
Super73 ZX
Starting Location: Grand Marais Kiosk
Rent By The Hour
Difficulty: 🟢 Beginner Friendly
Great For Groups

Rent by the hour or day and ride where you want to ride! Explore the Gitchi Gami or cruise around Grand Marais. Add a 1Up Rack to haul your bikes. Multi-day discounts available.

Most Popular - Great for Groups and Beginners!
Our Most Popular Ride on the Gitchi Gami

The State of Minnesota has made a massive investment to build a premier paved bike path that will extend all the way from Two Harbors to Grand Marais. With several brand new sections already completed, the Gitchi Gami is proving to be a truly unique and special trail that allows us all to experience the beauty of the North Shore and Lake Superior in a whole new way as it wanders along the lake, through the woods, over waterfalls, and much more!


Our just launched Super73 rental kiosk is adjacent to the Gitchi Gami in Grand Marais making it easy for you to hop on and ride! Book our feature Super3 eBike tour which spans 10 miles as you ride to the Cut Cace Creek Wayside via the brand-new section of the Gitchi Gami. This out-and-back ride covers around 10 miles and takes 60 minutes. Or, make a day out of it by packing a picnic for the Cut Face Creek rest area or cruising back to Grand Marais to catch a bite at one of the many dining establishments!


For Offroad Trails – Includes Helmet, Lock, 1UP Rack or Trailer, Route Map

1/2 Day (4 Hours)
Full Day (8 Hours)
Full Day Option 1: Pick up in morning return in evening (Includes 8 Hours) Full Day Option 2: Pick up in afternoon, return next day by noon. Ride on afternoon day 1 and morning day 2
Multi-Day Adventures
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Remote Drop Survivor Series
Coming Soon
**Shuttle Included
  • See our curated adventure routes, powered by the offline enabled Avenza Mapping App 
  • Offroad rentals include 1UP rack (fits 2 eBikes) or Trailer (fits 4 eBikes) to haul your eBikes to backwoods trails
  • Fully charged battery swaps are available if your battery runs out.
  • Chargers included for overnight full day rentals
Coming Soon
Offroad Adventures

Ride further and explore a side of Superior National Forest like never before on a Super73 RX Mojave. We’ve mapped our favorite backwoods adventures which you can navigate in the offline-enabled Avenza app — so you can spend more time adventuring and less time planning. We have 1up racks and trailers to haul your ebike rentals to inland trailheads. For multiday adventure rentals, please get in touch.

Adventure Supplies

Super73® ZX

For Paved Trails

Super73® RX Mojave

For Offroad Trails

1UP® Racks

Haul Your eBikes Rentals On Your Vehicle

Thousand® Helmets

Trendy Helmets in a Variety of Color Options

About Us


Our ebike rental kiosk is located in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

  • Rent by the hour, 1/2 Day, Full Day or Multi-Day
  • Hours of Operation: 9am - 6pm
  • Drop-offs after 6pm
  • Early Birds Specials Available

Address: 1615 MN-61, Grand Marais, MN 55604

(located next to the Harbor Light)

An Adventure For Everyone

Looking for something fun to do while visiting the North Shore? You’ve come to the right place! We fell in love with adventuring the North Shore on our Super73 eBikes, now our mission is to make those adventures accessible to you.

From chill cruises on the Gitchi Gami along Lake Superior to offroad adventures in Superior National Forest,  we’ve got you covered! Check out our awesome Super73 eBikes and videos to get a feel for the experience and book an e-bike today!

  • All Gear Included + Free Route Maps
  • Silent, Eco-Friendly eBikes
  • Throttle Assist up to 22 MPH
  • Get Up Steep Hills With Ease!
  • No Damage Deposit Required
  • Easy Check-In & Check-Out
Meet The Team

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and well-organized experience for you to enjoy during your trip to The North Shore. We also aim to provide experiences that minimize environmental impact with the use of eBikes as well as being respectful to nature while out on the trails


We stand by ready to answer any questions and help you plan your adventure. See you on the North Shore! 


Where are the bikes located?

1615 W Hwy 61, Grand Marais, MN 55604 (old Harbor Light Supper Club)

I Have Limited or No Experience Riding eBikes, Is This Route Suitable For Me?

eBiking takes a lot of the physicality out of biking and can be much easier for some riders. For those new to eBiking, we recommend you test it out in the parking lot to make sure you are comfortable and choose low-difficulty routes.

We encourage riders to go at a speed they feel comfortable (it’s not a race!)

We do not recommend offroad routes and difficult routes for those with limited eBike or biking experience.

What Should I Pack & Wear?

It keeps fairly cool on the North Shore, so generally, pants and long sleeves are recommended. They also help with any bugs or mosquitos which might be around.

We provide helmets and safety glasses, so you are covered there — but you may want to bring sunglasses if it’s a sunny day.

For rides on the Gitchi Gami, any pair of shoes, hiking boots, crocs will do — just make sure to have enough warmth if it’s going to be on the colder side! For offroad adventures, your feet are likely to get wet, so be prepared with proper footwear such as hiking shoes.

Are Helmets Included?

Yup! We use stylish Thousand brand helmets and offer them in Small, Medium, or Large in a variety of colors.

What is the Cancellation Policy

Please inform us of your cancelation as soon as possible so we can issue you a full refund

What is the Rain Out Policy

In case of rain or wet conditions, we are unable to rent out ebikes out of safety concerns, in which case we can push back your rental to a later time or issue a refund

How Fast Do the Super73 eBike's Go?

Our Super73 eBikes are rated as Class II eBikes which is compliant with riding State Trails such as the Gitchi Gami. The electric assist is governed to 22 MPH.

Do I Have to Peddle?

You are not required to peddle but encouraged to — that’s part of the fun! The eBikes have a throttle that provides power to the tires, independent of peddling.

Is It Easy to Get Up Hills?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of an eBike.

What are the Rider Age Restrictions?

  • Super73 ZX Age Restriction: Adult’s aged 18+, 16 & 17 with Parent or guardian permission, and 15 & 16 when riding with an adult
  • Super73 ZX Age Restrictions: Adult’s aged 18+, 16 & 17 with Parent or guardian permission

Are There Places to Get Water and Use the Restrooms Along the Route?

For rides along the Gitchi Gami there are several places to stop if you need, including the Cut Face Creek rest area. Since you should have a cell signal, you can also do a quick search to see what’s arond

What Is The Max Group Size You Are Able to Accomodate?

For more than 10 please contact us! We’ve got plenty of bikes and want to be sure you’re taken care of.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

We accept only Credit Cards through our website or when booking in person. All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)

Where Can I Ride the Super73?

The ZX models are great for the Gitchi Gami Trail and cruising through Grand Marais. Our RX models can be used everywhere the ZX bikes can go, but we really recommend you take them to one of our suggested off-road routes for the best adventure. Offroad adventures and routes coming soon!

Visit our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions

Everything Else You Need To Know For Your Adventure

Adventure Resources

eBike Trail Map (Coming Soon)

Powered By Avenza

Working in coordination with US Forest Service and MN DNR, we’ve created a North Shore eBike map that shows you everywhere you can ride a Class 2 eBike in Cook County. We’ve also mapped out some of our favorite offroad adventures, which you can book as an adventure rental through Electric Trails and ride with a Super73 RX Mojave.

1 Up Racks / Trailers

Haul Your Super73s To Inland Routes

For inland adventure routes or multiday rentals, we have heavy-duty 1 Up bike racks or pull behind trailer from you to haul the eBikes to the trailhead or your vacation rental.

Rated By Difficulty

Relevent Route Details

We provide difficulty ratings for each route ranging from 1-5. We also provide other route information such as trail type, cell signal, distance, duration, and points of interest. We stand by ready to help plan your adventure!