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Ride Formats:

Rated by Difficulty: 🟢 = Leisure, 🟦  = Intermediate, ♦️ = Challenging

  • Out & Back: Ride from our Schroeder HQ to destination and back to HQ
  • 🚌 Shuttle Drop: We shuttle you to a remote starting point, and you ride back to HQ
  • Trailer Haul: You haul eBikes on your vehicle with one of our 1Up Racks(fits 2 eBikes) or Trailer (fits 4 eBikes) to a remote trailhead
  • Rent by The Hour: Ride where you want, pay by the hour
Most Popular!

🟢 Waterfall Tour to Onion River on Gitchi Gami w/Hike | 15 Mile Out & Back (2 Hours) **MOST POPULAR

2 Hours

Super73 ZX
Out and Back (15 Miles Total)
Difficulty: 1/5
Great For Groups
Fully Paved

Our most popular route. Ride the Gitchi on and eBike in this bike & hike adventure! Take in Superior Lake views and hike along amazing waterfalls!

Best View in Minnesota!

🟦 Carlton Peak Offroad Starter | 10 Mile Out & Back w/Hike | Offroad (2 Hours)

2 Hours

Super73 RX
Out and Back (10 Miles Total)
Difficulty: 2.5/5 🟦
Intro Offroad & Great For Groups
Gitchi Gami + Forest Road + Amazing Views

Our most popular offroad route, great for beginners, families and groups. The forest roads are maintained so its very ridable. Amazing views of Lake Superior at Carlton Peak. Pack a lunch and have a picnic!

WIlderness Adventure

♦️ Wolfhead Loop @ Pancore Lake 18 Mile Trailer Haul | Offroad (4 Hours)

4 Hours

Super73 RX
Trailer Haul (18 Miles)
Difficulty: 4/5
Technical Terrain
Backwoods Adventure Route

Side of the North Shore like never before in our backwoods adventure! Get off the beaten path and take a ride on one of our favorite trails in all of the North Shore!

We’ve mapped our favorite adventure routes ranging from beginner rides on the Gitchi Gami to offroad adventures in Superior National. View Interactive Map in the Gaia App