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Early Bird Special

1.) Reserve Your Early Bird Ride

Book your early bird adventure AT-LEAST one day in advance.

When booking the reservation online, make sure to select the “early-bird special” option which will provide a discounted rate. 

Most importantly, your Super73 orientation will be the night before your ride so you must be present the night before your morning ride to take our quick e-bike course and to get the key to unlocking your eBike! 

The class begins at 6:00 pm and there is only 1 class.

2.) Check In & eBike Orientation The Night Before

The morning before your reservation, you’ll need to check in and take our orientation class at 6:00 PM (which is our only class. At this time, you’ll check in, sign the eBike waiver, and take our class to familiarize yourself with the eBike, your route & navigation, and bike safety. This takes about 15 minutes.

After the class, you’ll receive a key to unlock your specific eBike in the morning, just be sure not to lose it since we won’t have time to duplicate it before your ride the next morning.

3.) Pick Up Your Super73

Your Super73 will be locked on our bike racks when you arrive in the morning for your early bird ride. Simply unlock your eBike and store your lock on the Super73 lock holster (you may choose to stop somewhere along your route where we ask that you lock your Super3)

If there is inclement weather the morning of, our rain-out policy would go into effect. If there is eBike availability later in the day and the weather cooperates, you could apply the credit towards a ride then

4.) Time To Ride

It’s time to ride! You are welcome to leave as early at 7:00 am, but since our shop doesn’t open until 9, we won’t be on call for any rescue services until we get to the shop. Use your RideWithGPS route to navigate and return to our shop once you are done with your ride!


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