Used SUPER73 - RX Mojave Obsidian

$3,150.00 $3,795.00

Used 1500 miles -Obsidian

The SUPER73-RX Mojave showcases all of SUPER73’s iconic features; the powerful R-series drive system, along with 4 piston brakes and fully adjustable dual suspension, making the RX our top-of-the-line performance model. Fitted with our GRZLY All-Terrain Tires, the RX Mojave is comparable to none when it comes to off-road trail riding.


The SUPER73-RX Mojave features adjustable full suspension complete with an air-assisted, inverted coil spring fork, rear piggyback Coilover mono-shock and preload, compression, and rebound adjustments.


The RX Mojave comes with all-new GRZLY tires perfect for a wide variety of terrain. With an aggressive knobby tread pattern, the GRZLYs allow for consistent contact and grip on hardpack, rock, and asphalt.