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2 Hours
Min Age : 15+

🟢 Waterfall Tour to Onion River on Gitchi Gami w/Hike | 15 Mile Out & Back (2 Hours) **MOST POPULAR

PRICE: $59

  • Super73 ZXeBike Model
  • 1/5 🟢 - Beginner Friend & Great for GroupsDifficulty
  • Paved Gitchi GamiTrail Surface / Terrain
  • 2 HoursDuration
  • Out and BackRoute Format
  • 15 Miles (Including Waterfall Hikes)Distance
  • GoodCell Phone Coverage
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**When you book this tour, you’ll download the Gaia app and navigate the route using this map. Click the map above to see the details.

🅿️ Schroeder HQ -> 🏞️ Temperance River State Park (Hike) -> 🥾 Ray Berglund Wayside @ Onion River (Hike) –> 🅿️ Schroeder HQ 

The Most Fun Way to Explore the North Shore!

Our most popular and approachable eBike & hike on the paved Gitchi Gami – powering you to explore the North Shore in a whole new way! 

Our Waterfall tour starts at our shop in Shroeder which is immediately adjacent to the Gitchi Gami which meanders through the woods, along the lake, and past beautiful scenery and waterfalls. 

Your first short hiking opportunity is in Temperance River State Park as you cross the Temperance River Gorge – just lock up your eBike and stretch your legs with a beautiful self-guided hike along the river to view the falls and learn about the potholes carved into ancient basalt!

Hop back on your eBike and cruise up past Tofte and towards Lutsen where you’ll cross several creeks and rivers. Along the way, stop and grab a bite at Coho Cafe or keep going to the final destination, the Ray Berglund Wayside, where you can enjoy another quick hike up the Onion River or have a picnic. 

Once you’re done with your hike, hop back on the Gitchi and make your way back to our Schroeder shop to check in your eBike!

Popular for all ages and rider skill levels.

Starting Location

Electric Trails Rental Kiosk: 7902 MN-61, Schroeder, MN 55613


Available Daily During Normal Business Hours 9 am-6 pm (check booking calendar for openings)


We have plenty of parking for your vehicle in front of our shop or at the Gitchi Gami trailhead across the street for you to safely leave your car during your ride.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations and rain-outs will be refunded


I Have Limited or No Experience Riding eBikes, Is This Route Suitable For Me?

For those new to eBiking, we recommend you test it out in the parking lot to make sure you are comfortable and choose low-difficulty routes such as the waterfall tourh on the Gitchi Gami

We do not recommend offroad routes and difficult routes for those with limited eBike or biking experience.

What Should I Pack & Wear?


It keeps fairly cool on the North Shore, so generally, pants and long sleeves are recommended. They also help with any bugs or mosquitos which might be around.  If rain is in the forecast, some type of rain jacket can be helpful.


We provide helmets and safety glasses, so you are covered there — but you may want to bring sunglasses if it’s a sunny day. 


This route stays quite dry, so you’re unlikely to deal with much water. So, in this case wearing shoes, hiking boots, crocs, or other footwear is fine — just make sure to have enough warmth if it’s going to be on the colder side!

What is Cancellation / Rain Out Policy

We offer no-hassle refunds incase you can’t ride for any reason!

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong During my Ride?

It’s an adventure, things happen! If something goes wrong with your eBike or someone get hurt or lost, we recommend relying on your route map to get to a safe place and call us for assistance. We have the ability to come to help you out and haul your eBike back in case of an issue. 

For each route, we remark how good the cell phone coverage is. This route has consistent cell coverage so getting in touch with us should not be an issue in case there is a problem. For back-woods riding in Superior National, please be extra careful and if there is an issue – find an area with cell reception and give us a call.

How Fast Do the eBikes Go?

Our Super73 eBikes are rated as Class II eBikes which is compliant with riding State Trails such as the Gitchi Gami. Their max speed is 20 MPH at full throttle.

Do I Have to Pedal?

You are not required to peddle but encouraged to — that’s part of the fun! The eBikes have a throttle that provides power to the tires, independent of peddling. 

For each route, we’ve made sure you can ride the entire distance with just the battery.

What Types of Animals and Wildlife May I See?

The North Shore is teaming with wildlife. We’ve encountered everything from Wolves, Deer, Moose, Bear Beavers, Lynx, and a variety of bird species — you name it. The wildlife you will encounter depends largely on the routes you ride and just luck of the draw. 

As a general rule of thumb, the more out in the woods you are, the more likely you are to see the rare wildlife.. but that’s not to say you won’t come across wildlife near the Gitchi Gami.

Are There Places to Get Water and Use The Restrooms along the Route?

For rides along the Gitchi Gami there are several places to stop if you need.


For backwoods riding, there are no bathroom stops so be sure to pack any supplies you need!