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By The Hour
Min Age : 15+

Hourly Rentals (Make Your Own Path)

Starting Location

Grand Marais Kiosk  – 1615 MN-61, Grand Marais, MN 55604

  • Super73 ZXeBike Model
  • 🟢 For All Skill LevelsDifficulty
  • By The Hour ($29 for 1st Hour, Discounted Hourly After That -- See Book Now For Pricing)Duration
  • Fits Riders 5'0 - 6'4"Height Recommendations
  • 30+ Miles Per Charge

There is no better way to explore Grand Marais and the Gitchi Gami!

Rent by the hour and ride any paved trails you want! If you book a full day, you’ll also get a charger to power up your eBike! 


Multiple color options available!


  • Super73 ZX
  • 1 Fully Charged ZX BatteryChargers Included with Full Day Rental
  • 1 Bike Helmet
  • 1 Bike Lock
  • Safety Glasses (We Recommend You Bring Your Own Sunglasses)

Not Included (but recommended)

  • Food & Drink (Bring your own or grab a bite back in Grand Marais)
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack


We have plenty of parking for your vehicle in front of our shop for you to safely leave your car during your ride.

What to Expect

1.) Park and Grab Your Super73

Park at our rental kiosk, check in, sign a waiver and view a short safety and usage demonstration for your Super73 ZX

2.) Enjoy Your Ride

From our rental kiosk, hop right onto the Gitchi Gami and enjoy a chill ride down to Cut Face Creek. While there, check out the beach, have a picnic or whatever you enjoy doing!

3.) Return Back or Extend Your Ride

Cruise back up towards our rental kiosk to return your Super73, or keep on riding up into Grand Marais by extending your rental!


Where can I ride the Super73 ZX for Paved Trails

Paved trails of the area include the Gitchi Gami along lake Superior as well as roads around Grand Marais. Our ZX’s tired are not rated for gravel roads and present safety issues when on non-paved surfaces.

We generally encourage riders to ride 5 miles up to Cut Face Creek Wayside area and back. then cruise around Grand Marais a bit (of course being respectful of traffic rules and pedestrians!)

I Have Limited or No Experience Riding eBikes, Is This Route Suitable For Me?

eBiking utilizes throttle assist and makes it easier for many riders to cruise along, and get up hills without fatigue or loss of balance like regular bikes. For those new to eBiking, we recommend you test it out in the parking lot to make sure you are comfortable and choose low-difficulty routes. As the eBikes do accelerate up to 22 MPH, we do caution riders go at a pace that they are comfortable with. It’s not a race!

This chill ride on the Gitchi Gami is a fully paved route and great for inexperienced and first-time eBikers!

We do not recommend offroad routes and difficult routes for those with limited eBike or biking experience.

What Should I Pack & Wear?


It keeps fairly cool on the North Shore, so generally, pants and long sleeves are recommended. They also help with any bugs or mosquitos which might be around. 


We provide helmets and safety glasses, so you are covered there — but you may want to bring sunglasses if it’s a sunny day. 


This route stays quite dry, so you’re unlikely to deal with much water. So, in this case wearing shoes, hiking boots, crocs, or other footwear is fine — just make sure to have enough warmth if it’s going to be on the colder side!

What is Cancellation Policy

Please inform us of your cancelation as soon as possible so we can issue you a full refund


What is the Rain-Out Policy?

In case of rain or wet conditions, we are unable to rent out ebikes out of safety concerns, in which case we can push back your rental to a later time or issue a refund


What Happens if Something Goes Wrong During my Ride?

It’s an adventure, things happen! If something goes wrong with your eBike or someone get hurt or lost, we recommend relying on your route map to get to a safe place and call us for assistance. We have the ability to come to help you out and haul your eBike back in case of an issue. 

For each route, we remark how good the cell phone coverage is. This route has consistent cell coverage so getting in touch with us should not be an issue in case there is a problem. For back-woods riding in Superior National, we supply satellite phones to people so they can reach out in case there is an issue.

How Fast Do the eBikes Go?

Our Super73 eBikes are rated as Class II eBikes which is compliant with riding State Trails such as the Gitchi Gami. Their max speed is 22 MPH at full throttle.

Do I Have to Pedal?

You are not required to peddle but encouraged to — that’s part of the fun! The eBikes have a throttle that provides power to the tires, independent of peddling. 

For each route, we’ve made sure you can ride the entire distance with just the battery.

What Types of Animals and Wildlife May I See?

The North Shore is teaming with wildlife. We’ve encountered everything from Wolves, Deer, Moose, Bear Beavers, Lynx, and a variety of bird species — you name it. The wildlife you will encounter depends largely on the routes you ride and just luck of the draw. 

As a general rule of thumb, the more out in the woods you are, the more likely you are to see the rare wildlife.. but that’s not to say you won’t come across wildlife near the Gitchi Gami.

Are There Places to Get Water and Use The Restrooms along the Route?

We mark important points of interest on each route within the RideWithGPS map. This includes restrooms, places to get water, restaurants, and so forth. 

For rides along the Gitchi Gami there are several places to stop if you need.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

We accept only Credit Cards through our website or when booking in person. All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)